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[Press Releases] Plasmapp exports 1.5 billion won worth of products to Taiwan
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Plasmapp CEO Lim You-bong (fourth from the left) is taking a commemorative photo with Evan Huang, the third CEO of Taiwan Biomedical Science Co., and officials from both sides who visited the Daejeon manufacture. Photo courtesy of Plasmapp

Plasmapp, a domestic startup company that develops and sells "medical low-temperature plasma sterilizers," has succeeded in exporting medical plasma sterilizers to Taiwan.

Plasmapp announced on the 28th that officials from Biotech Medical Science, a Taiwanese implant manufacturing and distribution company, visited the Plasma Daejeon manufacture from the 23rd to the 24th and completed the contract after due diligence.

This contract is a three-year contract to supply 180 "medical low-temperature plasma sterilizers" to the Taiwanese medical market, and the amount is 1.5 billion won

Plasmapp has achieved about 23 billion won in orders from about 10 countries so far this year and has been shipping products in earnest since May.

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