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[Press Releases] Plasmapp Gets Level A grade in Technical Evaluation of 'Technical Listing Special Cases'
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Plasmapp Gets Level A grade in Technical Evaluation of 'Technical Listing Special Cases'

Plasmapp has taken a step closer to its goal of listing next year as it earned an A grade in the preliminary technical listing special technical evaluation conducted through NICE DNB.

The photo is ACTILINK, a biological regenerative and active surface treatment machine using high plasma. [Photo = Plasmapp provided]

Daedeok Venture Plasmapp (CEO Lim You-bong) announced on the 7th that it has obtained an A grade in the preliminary technology listing special technology evaluation. Technology evaluation was conducted through NICE DNB, a professional evaluation agency.

Companies with excellent technicality and business feasibility can request a preliminary listing review according to the grades of two professional evaluation institutions. In particular, this preliminary technical listing special technical evaluation reflected the technical evaluation items and evaluation contents that were maintained from this year.

Plasmapp explained that through this evaluation, it proved the high technicality and marketability of the "ACTILINK surface treatment machine" that effectively removes impurities from the surface and makes it a clean implant surface.

ACTILINK is a new product with bio-renewable and active technology using ultra-high-speed low-temperature sterilizers and plasma exported to 49 countries. In 99 seconds, more than 50% of impurities on the surface are effectively removed compared to existing products.

This is the first time that plasma is applied to implant surface treatment. ACTILINK technology was also announced at the Vacuum Engineering Association last year and was evaluated as an innovative technology that prevents early implant installation failures and induces rapid bone fusion. Shortening bone fusion time is a key factor in determining the success of implant surgery.

Meanwhile, Plasma started from KAIST laboratory in 2015. It aims to be listed in 2022 and is expected to grow into a global unicorn company based on plasma technology in the future.

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