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[Media Releases] Plasmapp signs a supply contract worth KRW 16.4 billion for the Japanese dental market
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On September 7, Plasmapp (405000) signed a product supply contract worth 16.4 billion won with a large Japanese distributor for the Japanese dental market.

The supply contract signed this time is for the overseas version of the sterilizer 'STERLINK lite', which Plasmapp launched this summer, and was signed when the CEOs and key executives of many large distributors in Japan visited Plasmapp in person. Afterwards, he said he would inspect the R&D center and production facilities with Plasmapp's management and discuss major tasks for expanding the Japanese market.

An official from Plasmapp said, “STERLINK lite, which was launched in June of this year, is rapidly expanding the market by signing contracts for more than 500 units within two months of its launch in Korea, and overseas versions of the product are also being developed by leading Japanese companies from the development stage before mass production. “Signing a large-scale contract with the company represents the high market response to the new product,” he said.

Following this, “On this day, general managers of the top 3 medical device companies in Japan and representatives of distributors in major regions of Japan, including Hokkaido, all participated in the contract, and the Japanese distributor of ‘STERLINK U510 (overseas version of lite product)’ with which the supply contract was signed. A consortium was formed through in-depth discussions on sales strategies.

The product is scheduled to be officially launched at the [Tokyo Exhibition], Japan's largest dental exhibition, which will be held in Yokohama, Japan for three days starting September 27th, and the surface treatment device ‘ACTILINK reborn’ will also be introduced at the event.” He said and revealed a specific sales strategy in the Japanese market.

Samjeong Yoon, CEO of Plasmapp, said, “The Japanese sterilizer market is not only centered on premium lines such as W&H, MELGA, and SCICAN, but is also evaluated as a market that is more than 10 times larger in terms of size.

Through this multilateral contract, a consortium will be formed that includes [medical device companies] – [distributors by base] – [key dealers] in Japan, thereby entering into and expanding into the Japanese market where the inner circle is important. Once Japanese certification for the product is completed and mass production begins at the end of this year/early next year, stable sales will be possible based on the supply contract signed.

“Through this, we are one step closer to reaching our goal for next year’s BEP.”

Regarding this supply contract, Plasmapp CEO Youbong Lim said, “The Japanese contract for the ‘STERLINK U510’ product will be the starting point for sales expansion in terms of product and region.

“In terms of region, as various companies are interested in the same product not only in Japan but also in North America and Europe and are discussing contracts, large-scale contracts will be signed in other regions besides Japan within a visible period,” he said, especially in North America. It was said that additional partnerships could be announced as soon as possible in regions where Plasmapp's product sales are already high.

In terms of products, “in addition to the sterilizer product STERLINK U510, we are also preparing to launch ‘ACTILINK’, a surface treatment solution, at the Tokyo exhibition in September this year.

“As the FDA certification of the ‘ACTILINK’ product is scheduled for the end of this year, a large contract for a new product may be signed in Japan depending on the results of the exhibition.”


▲ Officials from Plasmapp and NEXTERA, a large Japanese distribution company, are taking a group photo after signing the contract.

▲ Officials from Plasmapp and NEXTERA, a large Japanese distribution company, are taking a commemorative photo after signing the contract.

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