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[Media Releases] Plasmapp surface treatment 『ACTILINK』 accelerates business expansion
Writer : plasmapp(business@plasmapp.com) Date : 2023-11-23 Hits : 278

Plasmapp (405000) announced that it had signed an MOU with Vericom, a leading manufacturer of dental prosthetics and adhesives, to establish a safer and more effective implant treatment environment.

Plasmapp's medical surface treatment device 『ACTILINK』 product is rapidly expanding in the dental market, signing contracts with more than 10 domestic implant companies in the second half of 2023. As the clinical effectiveness of the 『ACTILINK』 product, which restores the unique biocompatibility of each implant by radiating plasma to the surface of the implant, has been proven through various papers and clinical studies, implant manufacturers are considering this product as an essential product. It is a trend that is happening.

This MOU with Vericom is meaningful in that it proves the clinical effectiveness of surface treatment for the entire surrounding system of implant surgery (prosthesis, adhesive, abutment, etc.) in addition to implants for which the effectiveness of surface treatment has previously been proven. there is.

Through this MOU, the two companies revealed the effectiveness of 'osteoblast activation for implant fixtures', 'abutment fibroblast activation', and 'increased adhesion through prosthesis surface activation', and jointly pursue commercialization based on this. He stated that he aims to do so.

Through this MOU, Plasmapp has increased the application of the 『ACTILINK』 product to all subsidiary materials used in the dental implant system. Through this, it will create a safer implant surgery environment by increasing the success rate of implants for patients with difficult bone quality and shortening the implant stabilization period. I was confident I could do it.

Youbong Lim, CEO of Plasmapp, announced in an interview that this MOU has great business significance.

“As we have proven together with Vericom the effectiveness of plasma surface treatment not only for implants but also for various dental accessories such as resins, crowns, membranes, and adhesives, we believe that the 『ACTILINK』 product will quickly become an essential product in dentistry. In particular, as the usability and effectiveness of various auxiliary materials are noticeably improved, it is expected that the number of global customers who want to use them for various purposes will increase. “Based on this effectiveness, we plan to pursue cooperation with global implant manufacturers at the next week’s GNYDM (New York Dentist Exhibition) in the United States,” he said. Vericom, which signed an MOU with Plasmapp this time, is a company specializing in dental prosthetics and adhesives and is recognized for its technology and business feasibility by being selected as a ‘Global Small Giant Company’ and a ‘Global IP Star Company’.

In particular, it has received product certification in major markets such as US FDA approval and China SFDA approval, and is widely used globally. More than 10% of sales are invested in research and development every year to launch new products.

Plasmapp 『ACTILINK』, a key element of this MOU, is a technology that improves surface energy while removing impurities on the surface of medical implants that make up implants or artificial joints inserted into the human body with plasma, significantly improving biocompatibility and implant performance after implantation. It is a skill that can be improved.

In addition, it is the world's first product to introduce vacuum plasma technology compared to the premium surface treatment technology used in the existing market, and is the only product that has proven clinical effectiveness with more than 3 times higher energy. In fact, this technology has expanded its scope of use to dentistry, orthopedics, and dermatology in response to market demands and has launched a variety of product lines, including leading medical schools such as Harvard, UCLA, and Yonsei University, as well as Germany's Clean Implant Foundation and Korea. The safety and effectiveness of the technology have been verified in collaboration with the Society of Dental Infectious Diseases and others.


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