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[Exhibitions/Congress] Plasmapp, sales of ACTILINK begin in earnest by participating in Japan's largest dental exhibition
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<Plasmapp's plasma surface treatment machine officially launched with YOSHIDA at the CENTRAL JAPAN DENTAL SHOW held in Nagoya, Japan>

Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep tech company, participated in the CENTRAL JAPAN DENTAL SHOW, the largest dental exhibition held in Nagoya, Japan on February 17th and 18th.

It was announced on the 19th that full-fledged sales in the Japanese dental market have begun with the official launch of the plasma surface treatment machine (brand: ACTILINK) with YOSHIDA, Japan's largest distribution channel.

Plasmapp is the first to commercialize the world's first vacuum plasma surface treatment technology, has completed filing for numerous domestic and international patents, and currently holds more than 200 patented technologies.

ACTILINK surface treatment products obtained Japanese medical device certification in April last year, and 300 surface treatment products have already been sold through trial sales for field testing in the Japanese dental market.

ACTILINK surface treatment product recently proved the clinical effectiveness of implant surface treatment technology for the first time in the world through the publication of a research paper by Harvard University faculty.

In addition, the successful field test results of the product sold to major universities and hospitals in Japan verified its differentiated technology and reliability, allowing it to establish itself as a premium product in the Japanese market.

Following a contract to supply ACTILINK products worth about 800 million yen with a Japanese partner in June last year, Plasmapp completed a supply contract worth about 1.8 billion yen for plasma sterilizer (brand: STERLINK) products in September.

Plasmapp recently formed a partnership with YOSHIDA, Japan's largest distributor, and introduced the ACTILINK surface treatment machine through this exhibition, officially launching it in the Japanese dental market.

Youbong Lim, CEO of Plasmapp, said, "In the conservative Japanese market, the full-scale launch was somewhat delayed due to medical device certification, field testing, and marketing with distributors, but with the successful launch of ACTILINK, we are planning to launch sterilizer products more quickly. It will be possible,” he said. "Once Japanese medical device certification for the sterilizer is completed," He expressed confidence, saying, “We will quickly grow sales in the Japanese market through sales synergy with YOSHIDA.”

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