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[Media Releases] Plasmapp accelerates its entry into the implant market by signing MOU with Neobiotech
Writer : plasmapp(business@plasmapp.com) Date : 2024-03-06 Hits : 363

On the 5th, bio-plasma deep tech company Plasmapp (405000) signed a supply contract with Neobiotech, a leader in the global dental industry, for implant surface treatment (brand: ACTILINK), expanding the differentiated technology of K-Implant to the global market. It was announced that a business agreement for this purpose was signed at Neobiotech's new headquarters in Wonju.

Neobiotech, which signed this business agreement with Plasmapp, is the third largest company in the domestic implant market share. Neobiotech's Chairman Heo Young-gu is a practicing dentist and is famous for contributing to the development of the industry by developing the kit needed for implant surgery. In 2020, we succeeded in commercializing and developing argon plasma surface treatment technology for the first time in the world.

Plasmapp plans to use this business agreement as an opportunity to increase the market share of ‘ACTILINK’. We plan to rapidly expand the market by linking with Neo Implant's domestic and overseas sales channels.

In addition, we plan to maximize the synergy of collaboration between the two companies by establishing a new business model in the implant market.

Youbong Lim, CEO of Plasmapp, said, “Through cooperation with Neobiotech, a leader in the global dental industry, we will use this as an opportunity to quickly expand our plasma solutions to the global market and strengthen our competitiveness in the K-implant market.” Plasmapp is a company that provides differentiated plasma solutions to make medical devices safer and more efficient, and we will continue technological innovation through continuous research and development and effective business agreements.”


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