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[Media Releases] Plasmapp, implant surface treatment research paper published in SCI-level international journal
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▶ Plasmapp developed the world's first medical implant surface treatment technology using vacuum plasma and commercialized it globally.

▶ Through joint research with KAIST, optimal plasma conditions were developed and registered for the first time in an SCI-level international journal in August 2022.

▶ Harvard faculty proves effectiveness through preclinical research using Plasmapp’s surface treatment device and publishes paper in October 2023

▶ Faculty members from the University of Rome, Italy, presented papers suggesting new clinical applications using Plasmapp’s surface treatment device.

Plasmapp (405000) announced that its research paper on medical implant surface treatment was published in Dentistry Journal, an SCI-level international journal, on March 7.

In this paper, faculty from the universities of Roma, Genoa, and Torino in Italy independently conducted preclinical research using Plasmapp's surface processor (brand: ACTILINK) and Plasmapp's vacuum plasma technology. It was revealed that this is a key technology that can prevent periodontitis by applying it to dental abutments.

In the process of developing the world's first medical implant surface treatment device using vacuum plasma technology, Plasmapp developed optimized plasma conditions through joint research with KAIST and was listed for the first time in an SCI-level international journal in August 2022, and Harvard faculty members It was published in October 2023 in an SCI-level international journal showing that Map's surface treatment device is a technology that improves implant osseointegration performance and increases the long-term implant success rate. This paper published by professors from the University of Rome, Italy, cites Plasmapp's existing papers and shows that plasma treatment is a differentiated technology with clinical effectiveness for dental abutments.

Youbong Lim, CEO of Plasmapp, said, “We are developing the world's first innovative technologies and pursuing commercialization in the global medical device market. We have secured global patents first and subsequently published numerous papers in the process of making full-fledged results in the market. “Plasmapp has applied for about 200 patents as a core technology for low-temperature sterilization of surgical devices and surface treatment of medical implants, and has recently secured the original technology by conducting research on plasma stimulation therapy and has acquired a number of patents. “We are systematically preparing for commercialization,” he said, expressing confidence in Plasmapp’s technological capabilities.


▲ Left: Osteoblast performance improvement results for plasma surface treatment proven in a KAIST paper. Right: Fibroblast performance improvement results for plasma surface treatment proven in an Italian professor's paper.

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