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[Media Releases] Plasmapp's surface activator (ACTILINK reborn S) successfully debuts in the plastic surgery market
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▶ Started sales by signing an MOU worth 500 million won with L&C Bio at the APS exhibition on April 6-7th.

▶ Following the dental market, the company also published SCI-level papers in the plastic surgery field to prove its technology.

Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep tech company, announced on the 9th that its surface activator has successfully debuted in the plastic surgery market following the dental market. (Model name: ACTILINK reborn S)

Plasmapp successfully introduced its surface activator to the plastic surgery market at APS 2024 (Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) held at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas on April 6-7, and announced that it has signed an MOU worth 500 million won with its main trading partner, L&C Bio, to start selling the product.

The SCI-quality paper presented today (9th) demonstrated that vacuum plasma treatment is effective in significantly improving the biocompatibility and bio-integration of hADM, and in recognition of this technology, Plasmapp's surface activator was highly sought after by a number of companies at APS2024. This reflects the high interest and expectations for the ACTILINK reborn S model in the plastic surgery market, as well as its success in the dental market.

Just as innovative research in the dental field has garnered worldwide attention, the same journals have published articles on the ACTILINK reborn S model in the plastic surgery sector, indicating that interest in the product is strong within the plastic surgery society and the industry.

Industry experts believe that the successful launch of the ACTILINK reborn S model could set a new trend in the plastic surgery market. Given the high level of interest in surface activator technology and the potential for global expansion, they believe that this model will set a new direction for plastic surgery technology.

"We have already applied for about 200 patents as a core technology for pasteurization of medical devices and surface treatment of medical implants, and we have recently published a series of SCI-level papers proving the effectiveness of plasma surface treatment, proving our technology, and are striving to expand sales by launching products that meet the market's expectations," said an official from Plasmapp.

<Plasmapp's plasma surface activator officially launched at APS 2024 at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas. Photo provided by Plasmapp>

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