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[Media Releases] Plasmapp diversifies sales channels in the implant market... Signed MOU with Cybermed
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▶ Expected to stabilize sales through cooperation with major companies

▶ Signed supply contracts with about 20 global implant companies domestically and internationally since last year

Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep-tech company, announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Cybermed for strategic mutual cooperation.

Plasmapp (405000), which has leading technology in the field of medical device solutions, is establishing a stable revenue structure through diversification of sales channels. After signing supply contracts with about 20 domestic and foreign implant manufacturers since last year, the company has begun to reap full-fledged results by signing MOUs with Osstem Implant, which boasts the world's No. 1 sales volume, and NeoBiotech, which has the No. 3 domestic market share.

The agreement with Cybermed is interpreted as a reflection of the market's trust in Plasmapp. In the past, the market was flooded with similar plasma-based products, but Plasmapp's differentiated technology has been recognized by the market, and many customers are now choosing Plasmapp's products. Cybermed recognized Plasmapp's patented technology and agreed to withdraw the ongoing patent infringement lawsuit through consultation, and at the same time, decided to transform and develop the relationship into a cooperative partner. 

Plasmapp's products, based on its superior technology, are helping to improve the quality of life of patients by providing better options for those in need of dental implants. Plasmapp's ambition is to provide optimal, market-leading products through continuous R&D, and the MOU is a stepping stone to securing a stable sales channel.

This strategy is recognized as an effective measure for Plasmapp's sustainable growth in the face of increasing competition in the market. Industry experts believe that Plasmapp's sales channel diversification strategy will not only increase sales, but also contribute to stable sales and long-term corporate value enhancement through supply chain expansion.


<Photo of Plasmapp CEO Youbong Lim (right) and Cybermed CEO Cheolyoung Kim (left) signing MOU, photo provided by Plasmapp>

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