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[Media Releases] Plasmapp Signs Business Agreement for Investment in Sterilizer Consumable Production Line Expansion
Writer : plasmapp(business@plasmapp.com) Date : 2024-05-17 Hits : 487

▶ Business agreement signed for phased production line expansion to meet the continuously increasing demand for consumables

Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep-tech company, has decided to invest in the expansion of its sterilizer consumables production line and announced on the 14th that it has signed a business agreement with Daeyoung Ultrasonic, the No. 1 company in Korea in the field of ultrasonic welding machine technology. 

Founded in 2015, Plasmapp began selling medical low-temperature plasma sterilizers (brand: STERLINK) in 2018, focusing on the European ophthalmology market, and has sold approximately 4,000 sterilizers to date. Due to the growing demand for sterilizer consumables (brand: STERMATE), the company decided to expand its production line to meet the growing demand for sterilizers.

The agreement is part of a strategic move to more effectively and reliably meet the demand for sterilizer consumables in the rapidly growing sterilizer market. Plasmapp will gradually increase the automation rate and capacity (CAPA) of its production lines in response to the consumables market, which is growing two to four times annually. 

"Sales of sterilizer consumables, a revenue model that is a follow-up to the sterilizer products sold so far, are growing rapidly and increasing profitability," said Youbong Lim, CEO of Plasmapp. "As they are applied to various medical fields such as dentistry, plastic surgery, and orthopedics, we will do our best to achieve our business goals by accelerating global sales."


<Business agreement signed at the headquarters of Daeyoung Ultrasound. (From left to right) Junhyung Park, Production Team Leader of Plasmapp, Youbong Lim, Plasmapp CEO, Hyukgil Kwon, Director of Daeyoung Ultrasound, and Sujae Kim, Deputy General Manager>

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