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Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep-tech company, has decided to invest in the expansion of its sterilizer consumables production line and announced on the 14th that it has signed a business agreement with Daeyoung Ultrasonic, the No. 1 company in Korea
Plasmapp (405000) announced on May 8th that it received clinical study approval to move forward with a clinical study following the publication of a preclinical study using Plasmapp's surface treatment machine (brand: ACTILINK) with faculty from the Unive
Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep-tech company, announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Cybermed for strategic mutual cooperation.
Plasmapp (405000), a leader in bioplasma medical device solutions, today announced its first quarter results.
Plasmapp (405000), a bio plasma deep-tech company, announced on the 22nd that it has signed a contract to supply plasma sterilizers to Osstem Implant on the 19th.
Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep-tech company, announced today that it has signed a joint investment agreement with strategic investor (SI) Dreamtech Co., Ltd. to transfer mass production of sterilizer consumables (brand: STERMATE) and facilities incl
Plasmapp (405000) announced on April 18 that it participated in the 16th inauguration ceremony of the Korean Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology (KAOMI), the largest dental society in Korea, and signed a business agreement to support research and
Plasmapp announced that STERLINK lite (overseas brand name: STERLINK U420) has won the Red Dot Design Award in Germany, one of the world's top three design awards.
Plasmapp (405000) is a medical implant surface treatment technology that published preclinical research results on human acellular dermal matrices (hADM) used in plastic surgery and orthopedics in the SCI-level international professional journal 'Bioengin
Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep tech company, announced on the 9th that its surface activator has successfully debuted in the plastic surgery market following the dental market. (Model name: ACTILINK reborn S)
Plasma technology venture company Plasmapp (405000) exported its premium and universal plasma sterilizers to the top two distributors in the North American veterinary market, loading two containers for export and shipping approximately $1 million worth of
Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep tech company, participated in America's best dental education conference (Academy of Osseointegration) held in Charlotte, USA from March 7th to 9th.
Plasmapp (405000) announced that its research paper on medical implant surface treatment was published in Dentistry Journal, an SCI-level international journal, on March 7.
On the 5th, bio-plasma deep tech company Plasmapp (405000) signed a supply contract with Neobiotech, a leader in the global dental industry, for implant surface treatment (brand: ACTILINK), expanding the differentiated technology of K-Implant to the globa
Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep tech company, participated in the Western Veterinary Conference, the largest animal hospital exhibition in the United States held in Las Vegas from February 18th to 21st, with the largest TOP 2 distribution company in
Plasmapp (405000), a bio-plasma deep tech company, participated in the CENTRAL JAPAN DENTAL SHOW, the largest dental exhibition held in Nagoya, Japan on February 17th and 18th.
On the 13th, bio-plasma deep-tech company Plasmapp (405000) participated in the Middle East's largest international medical and dental equipment exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Center and succeeded in securing a sales channel in the Middle East a
Plasmapp (405000) announced that it had signed an MOU with Vericom, a leading manufacturer of dental prosthetics and adhesives, to establish a safer and more effective implant treatment environment.
On September 28, Plasmapp (405000) announced that it had received a purchase order (hereinafter referred to as ‘PO’) worth 1.8 billion won for a new medical low-temperature plasma sterilizer product (model: STERLINK U510) with QMED, a partner company in t
On September 7, Plasmapp (405000) signed a product supply contract worth 16.4 billion won with a large Japanese distributor for the Japanese dental market.
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